Support anti-COVID-19 drug developement


Recently, the results of a clinical study of anti-coronavirus drugs participated by JOINN team in Wuhan were published online in the medical preprint journal MedRxiv. The paper is entitled Highly pathogenic coronavirus N protein aggravates lung injury by MASP-2-mediated complement over-activation.


Since the outbreak, JOINN immediately responded and organized an experienced team of experts to formulate a scientific and rigorous non-clinical evaluation plan for different types of vaccines / drugs against the Coronavirus. In addition, several JOINN teams were dispatched to establish clinical biological analysis and detection capabilities in epidemic areas such as Wuhan to support the rapid development of human clinical trials. We have evaluated dozens of Coronavirus vaccines, including DNA vaccines, mRNA vaccines, inactivated virus vaccines, recombinant protein vaccines, peptide vaccines, and other viral vector vaccines.

At the same time, JOINN also undertook a number of safety evaluations and clinical trials of antibodies, stem cells and small-molecule drugs to fight the Coronavirus. Some of them have completed pre-clinical animal experiments and entered the clinical trial stage! In order to support the early launch of the drug against Coronavirus, JOINN will spare no effort to overcome the difficulties during this pandemic!